28Jan22: watching tv…

This came up on Facebook. Andy (left) and Dougy were watching television, according to the caption. It was fun having both brothers, especially when they interacted with each other. We miss Dougy.

23 thoughts on “28Jan22: watching tv…

    • Yes, time helps but doesn’t erase the feeling of loss. Each of the kitties that passed share a part with me, and I miss them all.

    • Yes. I am glad, though, that I have lots of videos and photos of him. My first kitty, Freckles, I have exactly one photo of. She was a real sweetie, a lap kitty that had a loud purr that started the moment you touched her and didn’t stop till you put her down!

      Yes, we miss them and they are always part of us forever.

    • I suspect it is new things to do. Dougy’s favorite show, unsurprisingly, was “My Cat From Hell”, a show featuring really naughty cats that were reformed by tough love and a cat whisperer. LOL!

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