29Jan22: Andy waits on his cat tree…

Andy waits for me on his cat tree. I always “scritch” and pet him when he’s in this position and let him know he’s a good boy. He is a good boy. See how the scratching rope is shredded? Andy did that while Dougy was doing the same to settees, ottomans, and any other scratchable furniture. Yes, Andy is a good boy! 

I made Andy wait for his good boy loving so I could take his photo.

Well, take two photos…. Then I rubbed his head, “scritched” his chest and chin, ran my hand over his back, and enjoyed making him purr! For his part, Andy raised his butt in the air when I pet his back, stood up for more loving, and let me put my head against him. It was a love fest! Andy especially enjoys these moments. When he thinks I’m headed that way, he hurries up and climbs onto the top of the cat tree. I enjoy these moments, too.

21 thoughts on “29Jan22: Andy waits on his cat tree…

    • Interesting! Dougy used to get indide to top tube of that same cat tree, and I knew not to stick my hand in to pet him as that was his safe place. Andy is the same way when he’s on the little end table that’s in lots of photos since it’s next to a chair FI often sit in.

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