27Jan22: business cards and Andy…

At one point, I thought “funny business cards” would be fun, though I couldn’t imagine using many of them.

Then I had a class reunion, and I handed out many of these cards. They became business cards after all!

This is the last one I had made up. Dougy on the left; Andy on the right. I probably should have one made with a recent Andy photo.

Do you have your business card with a pet or pets on it?


Andy chased me down to get him some ‘nip…

…but first he hid in the bathroom because he thought that was where I was headed.

(Actually, I was headed to the cat tree by the dining room table so I could give Andy some good attention before we worked out what he really wanted.)

54 thoughts on “27Jan22: business cards and Andy…

    • If you used them in business, they probably would be considered inappropriate, but, as a retired person who doesn’t give a damn (LOL!) I find they are OK. In your case, you can decide for yourself. I did give one to a doctor once, and his card given in response was appropriate for a doctor. I had asked him initially, before I got my first cat, if it would be acceptable to have a pet, given my medical issues, and he’s the one who noted all I had to do was approach it with appropriate attention to hygiene. That is, wash your hands and don’t kiss them on the mouth. LOL!

  1. That is a nice business card. I do have some for 15andmeowing with my logo on it that has a cat. I like yours better though with real cats.

    • I think the photos of real cats is a good way to expose others to the nature and content of one’s blog. Also, our kitty girls and boys are so cute and photogenic!

    • Yes, I like that, too, Michel! Andy gets really excited in anticipation of the attention he’s about to get. For reasons strange to me, he likes the attention when he’s on top of that cat tree but hates it on the little end table. (Of course, he usually is trying to sleep on the end table, but not the cat tree!)

  2. What a good idea! I’ve used business cards for a while, mostly to provide contact information to new acquaintances. My kids have told me however that paper cards are outdated, and if you really want to provide your name and phone number to someone, you pull out your phone and send them a text or AirDrop a “card” if you have an iPhone. (But when I do this with people in our age cohort, they always seem taken aback, like I just planted a virus in their phone!) That said, my kids and I are still talking about taking a family trip to Japan, where exchanging business cards at meetings and conventions is considered a formal rule of etiquette. I’ve been thinking of getting a new batch printed up, but I didn’t want anything too formal or corporate-looking. I don’t have a cat bearing my name, but people might enjoy knowing I have a furbaby at home.

    (I can almost hear Sunny saying, “What? You’re going someplace again without ME? And you have the nerve to use my picture on your cards?”)

    • You know the Japanese love their cats! I’m sure a business card with a suitable photo of Sunny would be more than acceptable. Your kids are right about how information usually on business cards is exchanged these days, but in corporate America, the business card still has a place, as it is in the world of medicine, where my pulmonologist shared his business card with me when I handed him mine. In less formal associations, I suppose, sharing it with a text message would be a nice informal way of handling things.

    • Yeah, he is pretty expressive, something one doesn’t usually think about cats. Dogs are open books, but cats can be sometimes, too! Thanks for the comment, Gerry! It’s great to see you are managing to keep your amazing posts up, regardless of the struggles you deal with.

    • You could have some really nice cards if you did a photo card!

      Thanks! Andy is pretty photogenic, but it takes some effort to get shots in good light.

  3. Love the cards, Doug. I don’t have business cards….in fact no cards. I usually just introduce myself. If they want to get in touch with me later and forgot my particulars then they’ll have to ask someone.

    • That’s specifically why I like the cards. Most people will stick them in their wallet or purse, then have that information later if they need it.

    • I still have a few left with Louie on them. Of course, I also have those Dougy cards. The one of him in the box is a favorite and is a screen print from a video made when the kitty boys were young.

  4. I actually have Business or Calling Cards with Monkeys picture, as well as, my name, phone number and email. There good to give out for your contact info. People can put the info in their phone later, if they want.

    • Exactly, plus it saves your thumbs (or however your type on the small smartphone screen) and a bit of time at the time. I feel strongly for business cards, especially when you will be handing out more than a few.

  5. I don’t remember if you remember the old Dewer profile ads. I did one up for my cat Smidgen for when I did boat shows because she was known as the carving shops cat. Everybody loved it, and Smidge seemed to be pleased with the attention.

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