13 thoughts on “06Mar22: shy…

    • Yeah, I get that from Andy, too, only it’s been for ‘nip lately, and the little “open-the-cabinets- to-catch-any-mousies-and
      -get-high-praise” game (there never have been mice here…) Andy plays. I’m especially tired of the mousie game, which we go through any time I’m in the kitchen.

    • He is comfortable on the end table, Michel, but he is uncomfortable when I get close to him with my smartphone. He remembers the flash when I take his photo, even though I stopped using the flash years ago because it was so uncomfortable for my kitties. Maybe “shy” is the wrong word!

        • No, not as long as he is aware he’s going to get photographed. I have to use to approaches when I photograph him for this blog: take several photos, most of which show him looking away ort down, like in the video today, or take telephoto shots and edit them into smaller photos.

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