15 thoughts on “14Mar22: RAWR!

  1. I’m sad, Doug, that I didn’t receive your birthday wishes. Just a vulgar “I like”
    I did a little check up: February 28 until March 7, Michel commented Doug’s: 6 times. Doug meanwhile commented 0 times
    You can delete this if this bother you.
    At last I tell you I am not well at all at this moment.

    • I’m sorry I missed your birthday, Michel, and no, I’m not upset with you. I’ve been a bit preoccupied for reasons I noted on your last post, and I fear I’ve not been “with it” (paying attention to) much of late. I have another sad birthday, my late brother’s, coming up the 23rd of March. With my birthday on the 22nd of March, this month used to be a joyous time, with lots of celebrations. Now, it is a sad time, one of remembrance since only two of the family of six are still alive to observe birthdays, and we are in distant places from each other.

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