Post 493: the distraction

Andy’s the star of this little vignette, this slice of life, this true life mini-adventure…! 🙂

After several days, both boys now have tried out this new toy, but Andy falls for a distraction just as he’s starting to get into its play potential.


25 thoughts on “Post 493: the distraction

    • Yeah, Andy is the more intellectual one of the brothers, and Dougy is the pure hedonist! No, but I eventually ended its career with a conventional flie swatter when it bugged me while I was preparing a meal. I hate flies!


  1. Ali has the flash ball that lights up as it flies around the track.
    She has been batting at it like Andy is doing with this one.
    Andy is a busy boy noticing the world around him and all of the potential toys he can play with.
    You and the boys have a good week.


    • The flash ball is one I’ve not seen. Sounds like a winner! I’ll have to look into that one, as if the boys didn’t have enough toys…! You have a great week, too, especially since Ali’s home again!


    • Thanks! I thought the little improvised gallop after the fly, while not scripted, was a brilliant move on Andy’s part! Of course the fly may not be around to accept the Oscar if Andy and Dougy have any say in it or if I have to live with it one more day…. 😉


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