18Mar22: St. Andrew Cathedral, Kyiv…

Please excuse me for getting really serious for a change. As many of you know, I named Andy after St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. My mother’s family – mother and father – both immigrated from Scotland, and Andy’s name is in honor of their origin.

St. Andrew was one of Jesus’ apostles and he is honored in many countries as an early missionary, often the first missionary for Christ. Poor little Andrew James Thomas, the Persian kitty! That’s an impossible load to put on a mere cat!

Who Was St Andrew? | Scotland.org

Andy’s just a little kitty.

There is a church in Kyiv named for St. Andrew. Historic, beautiful, in danger along with the rest of Kyiv from monsters from Russia. Monsters? Over-stating the case? Would normal people target a theater harboring a thousand women and children trying to survive war? Destroying historic churches would be a snap for such people. I hope I am wrong. 

St Andrew’s Church, Kyiv – Wikipedia



23 thoughts on “18Mar22: St. Andrew Cathedral, Kyiv…

    • Me, too. Russian troops are bombing other cultural icons, and I wouldn’t put bombing this and other churches in Kyiv beyond them. I’ve seen videos showing other churches in other cities that were bombed out.

    • Until the Russian military stops this war, I will be worried about the cultural heritage of Ukraine. They’ve already shown they have no regard for civilians or anything else.

    • I tend to give cats noble names, with exception of Freckles, my first kitty girl. Louie was named after Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong, another “Kool Kat”, and Andy’s brother after me. LOL Tara is a lovely kitty name.

    • I’ve been in a funk seeing what the Russians are doing to Ukraine’s people and country. If Putin were assassinated today, I’d have a very unchristian moment of celebration. The situation with the animals left behind is beyond sad. I know there are people saving those they can, but the suffering of those that are scared and can’t be caught or those starving is part of my funk. It is so unnecessary. That this one man, Putin, can be behind so much human and animal misery makes me wonder if his mother is still alive to appreciate the monster she spawned! I found this biography of Putin. His mother is dead, apparently, as is his father (or not – it is possible he literally is a bastard!) —


    • The Russians have bombed other churches and cultural venues. Considering Russians put high regard in such things in their own country, I find the barbarism unconscionable.

    • Barbarism! Russia will have a hard time living this down. When one considers the horrific destruction the USSR suffered in WWII, I’d expect them to have a more “humane” approach to aggressive war, To hell with the whole country.

    • Absolutely. It’s almost as if they don’t have any strategy, just orders to knock everything down. No discipline at all.

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