Post 770: Afternoon excitement!

The day started out blah. By afternoon, though, things picked up significantly! 

“What’s up, Andy?!”

“Can you believe it?”

The boys can't believe their eyes...!

The boys can’t believe their eyes…!

Andy takes off but Dougy sticks around....

Andy takes off but Dougy sticks around….  Too much for Andy!

Here’s a short vided of what the boys saw and what Dougy found so fascinating:

54 thoughts on “Post 770: Afternoon excitement!

  1. Dear heaven, first rain then snow! Will the pounding ne’er cease?? At least the boys perked up a tad. Today, Mom is taking me to pick up the young human again because Dad says I need to go out in the car more so I do not fear it. Then Mom is taking me to the Vet for a checkup since I’ve been so edgy lately. Woof! (She gave me the car-sick med around 10)

    • Dougy doesn’t ride well in the car, either. He starts whining the moment he realizes we are headed somewhere (in the carrier) and doesn’t stop until we get home again and I let him out. Andy is quiet about it.

    • Yes, they both enjoy watching everything out the windows, and Dougy is especially excited when it snows. He’s my snow bunny, or would be if I let him be an outside cat.

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