29 thoughts on “28Sep22: doldrums…

  1. Andy looks chillaxed, for sure. It was briefly windy here yesterday but we are basically in the doldrums too. We will stay dry as the hurricane has pulled all the moisture away from our area.

    • Later, he meowed me over to his favorite cat tree (which caught me unexpectedly) where he assumed the “scritch me now” pose. That was all he wanted before taking a nap. Usually, when he lures me out to that part of the place, he’s trying to get me to give him treats, ‘nip, or kitty food.

  2. Yup, all the energy is here in FL, but not at my house as I sit here at the computer. A tornado did hit about 2 miles away, but we’re just getting hit with a feeder-ban, not the the actual storm that is hitting the west coast.

  3. Ian is coming ashore where I spent the winter in ’66-’67 in Fort Meyers Beach and the remnants of the hurricane is going to come up to east Tennessee to dump masses amounts of rain on me Saturday 🌀 (Good thing I live up on a hill & don’t need an ‘ark’)

    • I’m up at just under 4000 feet above sea level/ 1200 meters and half a continent away from Florida. There is a 20% chance of rain in the forecast for today and rain forecast for the next few days. I haven’t seen the weather map so don’t know if the forecasted rain is part of the same system or coming out of the Pacific.

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