05Oct22: a secure place…

The red arrow…

…points at the part – Andy’s foot – sticking out of his secure place.

Hi, Andy!


Andy is due for updates on his rabies shot and one other and has an appointment with his veterinarian for this Friday, the 7th. I hope he’s resting in this carrier when it’s time to collect him to take him to his appointment! LOL!


19 thoughts on “05Oct22: a secure place…

    • Poor kitty! One wishes it were possible to tell stressed out pets things are ok in those circumstances. I had a childhood dog that wasn’t a fan of going to the veterinarian’s that was almost that stressed.

    • I hope all he has to endure is two shots. I know they will check his blood pressure, though, and I know he will be very unhappy about that.

    • He spends lots of time in there as it is. I think it is dark enough but open enough that he can hide yet still have contact with what I’m doing. He does spend lots of time near me, too, but gets tired of me wanting to pet him or worse yet, hold him.

    • I try not to give him clues. Cleaning up. Getting the other (wheeled and handier) carrier out. Turning off the television or getting off the laptop. On the other hand, going into the kitchen works to catch him because he’ll come in to make me open the cabinets for his tiresome “Any mousies in there, Andy?” game. Open the cabinets and I can “snatch the kitty”, one of my favorite games!

    • Best wishes on the booster! I’m fortunate in that being on dialysis here in the USA, I am regarded to be a high risk for catching it so am on highest priority to get boosters, flu shots, etc. I am scheduled to get booster Nr. 3 this month, along with the flu shot.

    • He will get it as a Big Surprise! One thing about Andy, he is a stoic. When he gets put on the examination table, he just stays still and almost never moves unless they do a blood pressure check. He hates those because they trim hair off a hind foot, put the cuff on, then do five or six separate checks to get an average blood pressure. Worse than the foot variation is when they trimmed hair off the base of his tail to take his blood pressure! I had to tell them never to touch the tail because he’s tail-proud.

  1. Ah we have the same problem to put them in their carriers… They understand when we are going to vet… Thank you, have a nice day, Love, nia

    • I hope I am lucky this time! Most times, he is easy enough to catch, but there have been times I barely on time to get him to the groomer or veterinarian for appointments. After eleven years with him, though, I mostly know how to trick him long enough to catch him!

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