07Oct22: No, Andy didn’t vote for me…he’s a cat!

Andy had to sniff the envelope the ballots came in, of course.

I did the voting, though, because Andy isn’t a registered voter and I am.

30 thoughts on “07Oct22: No, Andy didn’t vote for me…he’s a cat!

    • I got mine in the shortest possible time it could have, based on the Nebraska election schedule for mailing mail-in ballots.

    • While I didn’t put him on the ballot as a write-in candidate, Andy ran for a national office on the “run the rats out of Washington” platform.

  1. Xenia is turning 18, but is not interested in voting. I suspect there are just not enough issues crucial to cats to make them want to go through the rigamarole of registering, voting, and delaying the evening meal and Nip toot. They have their priorities, after all!

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