26Oct22: “What the…?”

Andy’s incredulous. Doug just doesn’t seem to get it that when he sits here the expectation is he, Andy the resident kitty, expects to get a fresh ‘nip leaf! Hand it over! Now!


Andy doesn’t realize his “nip plant is still growing. If I give him ‘nip every day and every time he wants it, the plant won’t last two weeks!

12 thoughts on “26Oct22: “What the…?”

    • LOL! i’m always surprised that Andy doesn’t help himself, though the plant is over the kitchen sink. That may explain it in part. I mean, he does see where I get it.

  1. ah yes, they don’t understand this. On the other hand, İbiş, our elder one, loves to eat fresh lettuce leaf… but you will hold the leaf and he eats… And before seeing with his eyes, he knows human dad brought lettuce and start to cry for it… The others don’t interest… Thank you, Love, nia

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