02Dec22: yesterday was all about me…mostly

St. Andrew’s day was 30 November. Andy is named after St. Andrew so that was his day. Well, every day is Andy’s day, but 30 November is the really big one for my kitty boy.

On the other hand, yesterday, 1 December, was all about me. I had my annual physical (me, above, waiting); on 1 December 1998, I quit smoking for the absolutely last time at 3:00 am and I am really pleased and proud I’ve stayed nicotine-free since then; 1 December this year was dialysis day and Mariah – Little Miss Perfect for the day – not only ended my session on the exact dry weight goal, she applied the bandages perfectly, with minimal bleeding.

The one on the left -the arterial access on my dialysis fistula – is the one most likely to bleed out, yet Mariah got it bandaged perfectly before that could happen. Way to go! You might be surprised how far blood shoots out from the arterial access if it isn’t bandaged precisely after the needle’s removed. (Easily six or so feet/ two or so meters – I call it “bloody hell”!)


Andy had been a really compliant kitty for a long time when medication time came around, yet yesterday we had a slight set back. He scampered under the bed in the guest bedroom, the little rascal! I didn’t have my walking stick with me, so had to leave scene to get it. When I passed it under the bed. I felt it touch Andy, but he didn’t leave his spot under the bed. I had to try getting him to move by sweeping under the bed from the opposite side, which, happily, got him to go over to the sofa, where I picked him up and medicated him. He protested a little, of course, but not too much. Yeah, he whines a kitty whine when he’s unhappy with me!

I used the fact I had my kitty in hand to work through some mats in his armpits. His next grooming session comes up on the 19th. He really needs it! His groomer sent me an e-mail yesterday with his 2023 schedule. She is so busy, once you become her client, she has to schedule you a year out to assure you your darling pet gets in for a grooming!


31 thoughts on “02Dec22: yesterday was all about me…mostly

  1. Congrats on remaining smoke free for so long. I am glad your dialysis went well. Also glad you were able to medicate Andy. 🙂

  2. Sounds like Andy my have begrudged you the ease of your session and decided you needed a bit of a workout to keep you on your toes. Glad both of you got through your med work safely !

  3. I am glad all went well with dialysis. I can just picture that fistula squirting blood 6 feet! Not a pretty thought. I am sorry Andy gave you a tough time. Sometimes just pushing the vacuum cleaner wand under a bed, not even turning it on, shoes them out.

    28 degrees and a light dusting of snow this morning.

    • It was a good thing I caught him because I have very limited energy after dialysis. By the time it was time to medicate Andy, it was past time for me to take my post-dialysis nap.

  4. Congrats on quitting smoking! I’m glad things went smoothly at dialysis, Doug. And also that medicating Andy was, though not without a slight challenge, relatively easy this time. The little guy is a cutie!

    • That’s’ how it was with me. What helped me stick was I went from an “If I quit, I’ll never be able to smoke again” to a “I’ll always be a smoker, but I just don’t need a cigarette now” guy. Oddly enough, that slight shift was all it took.

    • LOL! My first thought was about the need to apply pressure to the leak, then “Oh sxxx! This is going to be a major mess to clean up!”, to “I have to call 911 for an ambulance.” One thing about dialysis is I’ve experienced enough bleed outs to not panic when they happen

  5. So glad that all went well, and I really hope Andy enjoyed his special day. Louis Catorze has a number of special days: 30th April (his birthday), the summer solstice (because he is the Sun King), TWO Black Cat Days and, of course, Hallowe’en. And all the days in between, too!

  6. Congratulations on the anniversary of your quitting smoking, Doug. I didn’t make note of the day I quit, as I was sick—I had caught pneumonia for the third time that year (1995?) and the doctor said to me, “Do you want to smoke, or do you want to live?” I didn’t feel much like having a cigarette at the time, so quitting then was easy. It wasn’t until I was feeling better that I started missing that hit of nicotine, especially when things got stressful. But I’m glad I quit, especially after seeing a pack-a-day friend (Camels Unfiltered!) die before his oldest child even graduated high school.

    I have nothing on you when it comes to dialysis, however. I don’t know if I could stand seeing a geyser of blood shoot out of my artery!

    • The time I had a fistula rupture, it was spectacularly frightening! That’s also how I know how far it spurts.

      I’m happy I quit when I did because five years later, I was hospitalized and on oxygen. It was much easier to deal with the oxygen and not having to not smoke. I especially was thankful back then for having some mileage between the last cigarette and that illness! The oxygen was for a short time, happily.

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