03Dec22: Don’t forget to feed the kitties!

Three years ago yesterday, I got involved in something and missed “feed the kitties” time by a few minutes. (Andy, left; Dougy, right.) They became very, very, very, very, very, very. etc. anxious!


Last night I picked Andy up in the front room by the kitty lounger under the stacked carriers and carried him into the guest bedroom to medicate him. I sat down on the sofa and placed Andy on his back. When I looked in the medicine pouch, I found the eye drops were missing! (On the floor by the glide rocker in the front room…? That’s where I keep the medicine pouch, next to my own medicine.)

I spoke in pirate a time or two, absent-mindedly running my fingers through Andy’s fur. I found a huge mat on his side. I took a little time to work that out of his fur, then struggled up to carry him and myself back into the front room to find the eye drops, which were indeed by the glide rocker.

Andy struggled a little – he knows I expect it! – then I put the lotion in his ear and the drops in his eyes. All in all, Andy still was a very good kitty! We got through the ordeal with one tiny scratch, something of a record for those times I get a little claw. Besides, for all the mishaps, things still worked out with less stress than the time before when Andy hid under the guest bed.

17 thoughts on “03Dec22: Don’t forget to feed the kitties!

  1. This post is a lesson on the way and the manner to feed and medicate two kitties; Three rooms are needed :front room, guest room, a lounge, a bed room, at the total, a cat castle!!!<<

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