20Dec22: Get ready for it…lion cut!

Andy got a lion cut this time. I don’t know if I am happy with it and I know Andy – tail proud Andy! – is not thrilled. I think he looks cute, better than most cats that get this cut, though the main thing is he has till next 10th April to grow everything out again. When his groomer suggested that cut this time, I agreed to it, so Andy and his fans everywhere can get mad at me!


Whew! Wind chill temperatures down to -65 degrees F/ -54 C are predicted for tonight here in my county. The whole week looks like that, if not quite that extreme. As for my kitty boy, I prepared for his favorite places to be heated more than usual. I will make sure I’m comfortable, too, with blankets, a heavy Turkish bathrobe, whatever it takes. As for having to get out in that miserable weather, I’ll make sure I wear my heavy winter coat instead of the lighter one I usually wear.

36 thoughts on “20Dec22: Get ready for it…lion cut!

  1. WOW! It is really brrrrrrrr so cold. Stay warm dear Doug, -54C it is unbelievable… But I loved Andy’s new cut, I am glad that letting to be cut his hair… Now Andy a real BIG Cat, Thank you, so much love for you both, nia

  2. Wow, Doug, stay bundled up! That is dangerously cold weather. Andy looks okay and it’s for his own good even though he doesn’t know it. He must feel cold so it’s wonderful that you take steps to help him keep warm. A great cat daddy!

    • He knows where the warm spots in the apartment are, and he heads for those. I did get to hold him longer than usual. I hope he starts to associate me with a good place to cuddle!

    • I’m not really comfortable with this look since Andy’s tail was his best feature, but I will have months ahead to deal with it!

    • It was a bad time to get a haircut but a necessary one since an earlier appointment last summer was cancelled. He can go about three or four months before his matting becomes a problem. Going twice as long between grooming, his mats got well beyond my ability to keep up with them. At any rate, I turned up the heat prior to Andy’s appointment so the apartment would be comfortable when he came home.

    • I turned up the heat before Andy had his grooming appointment. I did manage to get a comfortable level of warmth for him since he has been spending pretty much the same amount of time where he usually does. I was concerned about this before he got groomed….

    • I’ve turned up the heat for Andy and he seems to be comfortable even if I had an “oh no!” moment when I saw what he looked like after his grooming!

    • No, Andy is an indoor kitty. He has no curiosity about being outside like his late brother did. I’ve turned the heat up so he’s comfortable with the short hair.

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