24Dec22: just stopping by…

Andy stopped by to sharpen his claws.

He let me know…

…he had…

…kitty business in the guest bedroom and rushed to make a grand exit from the front room.


Still miserable here in Western Nebraska when I put this post together 23 December. It’s only 64 degrees F/ 17,8 degrees C inside, thanks to a system of heating using electric wall heaters in each room that spew heat onto the ceiling but neglect to do much, in my opinion based of years living here, to warm the cat and the human living here.

Incidentally, rising from bed to find the kitchen faucet water frozen was alarming, though discovering water fully available in the north bathroom allayed some concerns. A nice piping hot coffee seems to do that, even made from water carried in a pot from the bathroom.

I hope to start my car later in the day when it’s predicted to be 3 degrees F/ -10 degrees C as the daily high. Tomorow’s high (which is today in Blog Posting Land) is predicted to be 28 degrees F/ 16 degrees C, a virtual tropical day for winter in the High Plains in winter! If the “horse” doesn’t start in that weather, I guess it will have to be “euthanized”. LOL!

(A friend’s brother came over and jump started my car yesterday afternoon. I turned right over. I took it out on the highway and took an hour and a half “trip” on perfectly cleared roads that still had “Highway xxx closed” signs that stopped no one and advertised no hazard that I could see. I hope that was sufficient to recharge the battery. I’ll find out later this morning when I get in it to go to dialysis. It is supposed to be warmer, relatively, today.)

Andy seems to be handling the cooler apartment without problems, though he, like I, has been hanging out where the heat is noticeable. my bedroom, for example, is smallish so the electric heater does a great job of turning the room topical if I close the door. That and tons of blankets on the bed gave me a great night’s rest, something not possible before I turned the heat up in the early part of this cold front and relied only on bedding for comfort.

I bought a Turkish terry cloth robe several years ago. It is so heavy and hot I rarely wore it where I used to live. Now, it is just right! At least if you come for a visit now, you won’t find me in a polo shirt and undershorts. LOL! The robe is quite cozy.

As of 11 AM yesterday, I’d still not found that stupid television remote. I am totally deaf in my right ear. I can hear sounds fine with the left ear but can’t pinpoint where they come from because that skill require stereo two-ear hearing. That said, I heard the remote hit something but which direction the sound came from is a mystery. I’ve looked all over the front room for it and suspect it’s hiding behind something…or in plain view!



29 thoughts on “24Dec22: just stopping by…

  1. … and that is why I have 3 remotes for my bedroom tv!! I hope you find yours! If it’s a smarttv, there’s prob a phone app (yes, even with 3 remotes I sometimes have to use the app).

    My wall heater works like your space heaters… when it works (pilot won’t light right now). I remember shivering on the couch, then standing up to find air from 4′ up was obscenely warm. My house has no insulation so I was basically heating the outdoors.

    Your dual color beard made me laugh!

    Sending you & Wedgieboy warmth!!!! (Seriously, get a heated mattress pad if you can!!) Merry Xmas Eve!!

    • I will check into that. I keep my remotes in a baking tin that I never used for baking, but this missing remote took off sailing before I could put it there.

      The heaters here aren’t space heaters, but what usually are put on the baseboards. The apartment was made as part of temporary housing for workers constructing a WWII US Army base where some of the glider and parachute training for the D Day invasion occurred. I am very sure, having lived here since 2004, there is little or no insulation in the walls!

      The cold front has passe on to the Eastern USA, and the same setting that was so cold now has heated the apartment to a very comfortable temperature that had it hit that temperature in the summer, I’d have the air conditioner on. Now, though, Andy and I are are enjoying the warmth, soaking all of it we can in until the next cold spell!

      • I know what you mean… it hit low 70s here and I was still freezing! But I think that’s also due to the lack of insulation… 70 outside was only for a short time and inside was still in the low 60s.

        Hope you’re warmer now!

    • The cold front’s headed to chill the Eastern US…and good riddance! The careful walk is my winter practice, though I have had some moments, as shown here earlier.

  2. Yowie I can’t imagine weathering the cold where you live. It’s 14F outside now here, balmy by comparison, and I want to scream. Blankets and covers do help. Stay safe and warm, Andy and Doug!

    • It is, coincidentally, 14 degrees F here at the moment – 23:50 Christmas Eve – too, and the inside temperature at the same settings on the wall heaters is 79 degrees F, very comfortable, almost too hot, but Andy and I are soaking it up anyway.

    • It did, indeed, do just that! The lovely Arctic weather passed on to the Eastern USA. Next week, beginning now, is supposed to be nicely above freezing, which should help melt off the blizzard snows. I took a country drive Friday, yesterday, to recharge the battery on my freshly started car. The roads all had electronic signs at the entrances stating they were closed, yet they were perfectly clear and dry all the way. People, including me, were ignoring the signs, confusing as they were. One, leading to the lightly populated Nebraska Sandhills had the ominous warning “If stranded, call…” Only an idiot would start out that way during a blizzard! I did see one car off the road on another, more travelled highway.

    • Merry Christmas to you and John, too, Peggy! Aren’t you glad you weren’t in Nebraska this past week!? You made you decision to marry an Australian, and I’m sure you have no regrets! Anyway, maybe John and I should form a Deaf in the Left Ear fraternity. Our motto, obviously, will be “What?”

  3. I’m glad to hear that things are getting a little better for you. I lost our remote recently and it had gone down into the insides of a chair. Has it possibly gone into a litter bin, or a pile of newspapers/magazines?

    • I’ve looked all oveer the room, even places improbably involved in this mystery. I suspect it will show up one day in some obvious place and i will have a terrible tantrum for it being so stupidly obvious where it was found. I ord4rdde the identical remote that came in a two pack. Because I had points on my Amazon VISA card, I managed to get the two replacement remotes for a little more than a dollar. That made me happy at least. The other scenario: the day the two replacements arrive, the stupid missing remote reappears so I end up having three identical remotes, all of which will take turns hiding from me, usually all pretty close to the same time. UGH! The only good thing about the new tv is I only need one remote to take care of all functions.

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