25Dec22: “..it’ll grow back!”

My Christmas wish is Andy’s proud tail regrows its loveliness soon! While his groomer did her usual excellent job, I truly, completely hate the lion cut. What made me agree to it when she said she was going to do it this time I don’t know. The usual cut for Andy is the teddy bear cut. True, the teddy bear cut is meant for small, cute, yappy doggies, but it works well on Andy…and it spares his famous, familiar, fabulous tail. 


I’m listening to the Harnoncourt version of Bach’s “Christmas Oratorio” while I type. It is a Christmas tradition for me for several years. It puts me in the mood for the season most years. This year…perhaps not. It is lovely, joyous, both as a proclamation of the arrival of Christ the baby and as foreshadowing of the Cross. My Easter habit is to listen to Bach’s “St. Matthew Passion”, which pretty well says it all.

The cold front has passed on to the Eastern US, bless their hearts! While the electric heaters in my apartment barely maintained 61 degrees F/ 16 degrees C the other day, the same setting yielded 79 degrees F/ 26 degrees C this morning! It’s a Caribbean 11 degrees F/ -12 degrees F outside as I type at 23:23, just minutes before Christmas Day! Sure beats the nighttime temperatures of the past week!

Andy and I would like to wish you all a Blessed Christmas and a great New Year! 


36 thoughts on “25Dec22: “..it’ll grow back!”

    • Thank you! I think I missed your last big holiday this year – Diwali, back on October 24th . I try to keep up with such things because so many people from India started following me in the past year! I’m not doing too well at it.

    • We are seeing a warming spell here, too, though the predicted rain will create a slipping hazard for Tuesday morning. Merry Christmas!

  1. I agree with you about the cut. Maybe not a good winter cut either but it grows back. Glad your weather is improving. We are in PA. Yesterday was our coldest day. We are warmer today (but not warm). Toward the end of the week we’ll be seasonal again. Have a great Christmas day to you both!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and Andy, Doug! We’re actually going above freezing for a brief time today, then back down for the night. Slowly moving in the right direction.

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