23Dec22: a miserable day…

The cold front’s supposed to pass by the weekend. I hope so. My car wouldn’t start Thursday. Water is frozen so can’t make a warm drink. I may “harvest” some snow and melt and boil it for safety’s sake. On top of it, Thursday morning I managed to really, really, really lose the remote to my television when I tossed the blankets off my lap. I heard it hit something but couldn’t locate it. Ugh! I’ve had enough of winter. Bah humbug!


The water in the bathroom still works so I filled some things with water so I can use if for cooking and drinking. I put clothes in the washing machine so I can have some clean clothes at least. What next? Electricity goes out? That’d top the tday.


40 thoughts on “23Dec22: a miserable day…

  1. Praying you don’t lose electricity. We lost hours for 5 hours this morning when it was still 40 degrees, tonight it is going down to 8 so I hope we don’t lose it either.

  2. That weather pattern is moving east and we will get insanely low (for us) temperatures starting later today through Monday. Makes my bones cold just thinking about it. We are predicted to get high winds and then a snow squall today. I need spring.

    • I found him on top of the comforter on the guest bedroom bed. I folded it over on him and he stayed there! P hope he learned how to bury himself in it so he can keep himself really cozy!

      • Two pf my cats like having the covers put over them, the rest hate it. To do it themselves, I have to leave the blankies piled into a sort of collapsed tent with obvious entry.

        • I’ve tried that with Andy. He was very tolerant of the comforter when I pulled over all but his head and enjoyed the head rubs I gave him while he was getting warmer. He stayed under the comforter for some time after I left. I hope he would help himself to the “cave” I created in the comforter. He’s a smart kitty! So far, he hasn’t used it, but it was colder in the duplex overnight than it is now.

          • I think it’s a good idea if kitties learn to use covers. I tried to let Andy use a heating pad yesterday, but he thought I was going to – horrors! – pick him up when I put the pad on the kitty lounger next to him.

          • LOL! I have a self heating pads for the outdoor cats. I usually sleep on a heated matress pad and left the foot zones on 24/7 for the cats… and other sleep next to the double-sided wall heater. I haven’t hooked up anything yet but there are plenty of piles o’ crap that the cats are sleeping on.

            I support cats in comforters!!

          • I’m glad the cold front moved to Eastern USA as on now. it’s toasty in the apartment without blankets. Andy and I are happy mammals now!

    • We are getting things sorted out to be comfortable. Christmas Eve is supposed to warm up to much more tolerable temperatures, with more comfortable weather predicted for the following week.

  3. Yikes Doug, hope you find the remote, and keep your electricity. I hear you about winter. It rained and now a creepy wind is blowing. In the morning it will be F13 and there may be black ice everywhere. Below freezing here until about Monday. We’ll be OK I think, unless we lose power. Not as bad as your temps, but still enough to cause serious trouble. Andy’s so cute!

    • I was happy to find the water worked in the bathroom because I was able to wash clothes and have water to make a hot drink of coffee. As for the remote, the way the Perverse Entity, the evil force that makes everything fall apart and/or go to hell at the same time, works is the two replacements I ordered will arrive on the day the missing remote mysteriously reappears in plain sight where I’ve looked a thousand times. Of course, having three identical remotes will be no guarantee any will be findable when I need one.

      • It sometimes seems like everything happens at once. We are all iced in here, a thin layer but walking outside except on grass is treacherous. At least grass crunches underfoot and has some texture.

        • Isn’t that for sure! I have to travel on the grass myself for the same reason. I still have a short distance then on the lane, but I take it slowly and with abundant caution after so many spills on it.

    • The remote is, ironically, remote somewhere! Christmas may have a combination of rain and snow. Ugh! That, as you know, is the worst possible situation.

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