29Dec22: you want to rub the tummy….

It’s soft and velvety. I guarantee you want to rub this tummy, yet there are risks embedded in each paw, The key word is “embedded” and those suckers hurt, hurt, hurt as they are sharp and curved in! Maybe we can forget about rubbing the tummy for now.


There was a goodly amount of melting yesterday. The heaped piles of snow are sinking faster than I thought they would. At the current rate, maybe only the biggest piles will melt by the weekend…I hope! The snowpack where I have to park is a pain, one that requires me to mount a small hill on one side and to slam into another one to stop. I worry about sliding into my neighbor’s Jeep doing the parking maneuver. She should worry about me, too, and make sure she doesn’t squeeze me too far south by parking her Jeep too far south because there’s just so far south I can go before I have to climb Mount Everest. The more piled snow I have to back into, the more power I have to apply to the effort; the more power I have to apply to the effort, the more my car careens around, slipping and sliding under little control! My little VW Golf SportWagen handles well on bad roads, but really! The parking spot is too compressed for fancy driving!

If my neighbor parks her Jeep pretty much where it is in this photo taken the day after the blizzard, we’ll be OK.

You can see here, though, the inevitable drift on the south side of my car makes it IMPOSSIBLE to park any farther south. Once I leave the parking spot, the drift usually collapses a bit where I park. Further, the piled-up snow that results from plowing the lane blocks my parking spot enough that it takes bit of horsepower to breech it to drive out or to return to park. All I can say is at least I don’t live in Buffalo, New York!

19 thoughts on “29Dec22: you want to rub the tummy….

    • When Andy and his late brother were wee kittens, they’d chase each other around the apartment. There would too many times one or the other climbed me, leaving me very upset and wounded! I’m glad they didn’t continue that into adulthood. The Persian you note was a very naughty kitty indeed!

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