02Jan23: “Strumming his banjo or cleaning his Precious?”

I caught Andy under the recliner cleaning his Precious…

…and he caught me catching him…

…which upset him!

He changed venues.

“No really! I’m strumming my banjo!”


I came across someone’s comment with a new euphemism for “cat licking its butt” on Facebook yesterday: “strumming its banjo”. LOL! I am just sick enough to think that is tremendously amusing! Do you have another expression for this cat behavior? I think Andy’s too sensitive for the butt one, but I think the Precious one suits him since he is a very sensitive soul! 

21 thoughts on “02Jan23: “Strumming his banjo or cleaning his Precious?”

    • I’m saddened to know you’ve not been well, Michel. It is especially sad that you weren’t well through the holidays. I pray you get well soon!

    • Yoga! LOL! There is speculation Yoga came about by people observing cats stretching. Likewise, speculation observing cranes dance inspired human dances. Whether or not, it’s an interesting thing to imagine!

      Best wishes for a bountiful 2023 for you, too!

  1. I heard one cat owner call it “the one legged salute.” Strumming the banjo is a lot funnier! But if Sunny sees me watching her while she’s cleaning her nether regions, she stops right away and glares at me.

    • LOL! Yeah, Andy does not like me to watch. Of course, IF always chuckle when I see him do it so he takes offense.

      One legged salute! LOL! A patriot cat.

  2. That’s so funny! I don’t have a euphemism, but I agree, the banjo one is amusing. None of my cats have been as sensitive about it as Andy, maybe because they weren’t Persians. The imagery that comes to mind is “one leg up in the air”, and they haven’t been very particular about where to do it or who might see them.

    • Andy stops if he sees me watching or pointing a camera his direction. That second photo is the usual response I get when I point a camera his way.

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