24Jan23: the bloody mess…

Yesterday, the first thing I heard on the news was some axxhole in California killed ten and wounded ten more. What? There have been 33 mass killings in the USA since January 1st. There is an answer to this madness, but no political will to apply it. There are more firearms in the USA than people. Hunh?! Did you know that the gunman in the California murder spree was disarmed by a guy who wrestled him for over a minute and a half till he got the gun? It doesn’t always take a good guy with a gun to end a shooting, just a good and decent person with the resolve to do the right thing.


To those of you outside the USA, the whole business of the Second Amendment and unchecked firearm murders is a mystery that defies commonsense and understanding. Here’s a look at that issue. It still makes no sense after reading it, but I guarantee I, as an American, don’t get it either. Australia and New Zealand figured it out, but that solution would cause fits and insurrection if applied here.

Second Amendment | Text, Meaning, Definition, & History | Britannica

37 thoughts on “24Jan23: the bloody mess…

  1. This is really so tragic and sad news… I hate all guns/weapons, etc. In my country, everyday day starts with this kind of news… The additional note for us, there is drug behind all events/ I mean murderers using drug… This is a new for us, so many things going badly… I think weapons/guns to be stopped to buy and to use… Also this kind of films, series, even games too… People are being affected. Can you believe this, just a few months ago a student, in elemantary school, injured her friend… This subject is a big problem and very important, world should discuss this… and we should put a good and nice stories to the young and youngest students…. They learn more than we expect or we want… But they don’t learn what is good…. what is right. Sad news, dear Doug, Andy understands us I think… Thank you, Love, nia

  2. The news gets worse every day. This world in general is in a real crisis. Our species may have a limited time here.

    I grew up down the street from a little boy who later on as an adult killed a number of co-workers and them himself. The shooting was many, many years ago, and even then, shootings were becoming more common. The little boy I knew was a gentle soul, who would pick up bumblebees in his hand to pet them. He loved animals, and life of all kinds. God only knows what happens to people that warps them to do such things. I still cannot reconcile the images of the little boy I knew and the photo in the newspaper from that day.

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