22Mar22: the big seventy-five…

I turn 75 years old today. No celebration is planned other than one recognizing I’m still above ground! It didn’t look like that was possible back in 2003, the year I came down with WG/PGA. I survived that, thanks to my pulmonologist, my rheumatologist, and a host of others. You don’t ever get over it, just get it into control and try to keep it there. In my case, I have a blood sample taken once bi-monthly to measure something called c-ANCA.

c-ANCA – Wikipedia

Its presence is indicative of a flare and the need to evaluate the need to kick WG/PGA butt in hospital or with less aggressive means, pills known to handle the trick.

For the fun of it, I’m going to educate you this special (personal) day by leaving a link to information on this disease. Don’t feel sorry for me. I came down with it at a time medical treatment for the disease was becoming possible. Not that long ago, people just died from it because there was no known way to treat it. I’m able to live a reasonably normal life and reach birthdays like Nr. 75!

Granulomatosis with Polyangiitis – Vasculitis Foundation

Andy plans to take a nap on my special day. Sounds like a winner!


57 thoughts on “22Mar22: the big seventy-five…

  1. hello,
    Happy 75th birthday! It’s wonderful to hear that you have survived and overcome health challenges like WG/PGA with the help of your healthcare team. Your resilience and determination are truly inspiring. Wishing you a day filled with joy, love, and cherished memories. Cheers to many more years of happiness and good health!

    • Thank you! I loved my time in your country, and find your blog all the more interesting for being in German, a language I read better than I speak, but read at a level that is, well, poorly! Thankfully, I can hit a few keys and get a translation. I enjoy your blog both ways, and regard you as being one of my blog friends! Thanks for your greetings!

  2. Firstly, happy birthday, Doug! I feel as though we have met personally having been following you for so many years! God bless you and your family. ☺️❤️ I read the info in the link, I have never heard of this disease and am so glad that there is a treatment for it today. Have a wonderful day, Doug. ❤️

    • Thanks, Kate! One thing about dialysis three times a week, when I have a medical issue come up, I’m where I need to be – the local hospital. Being a guy, I would just ignore all symptoms till an ambulance had to be called otherwise, so this has proven to be a hidden benefit of this issue!

    • Same for you, GP! I especially enjoy your blog for the history that rarely is personalized. If the big names start the war, it’s the sons and fathers and who fight the war. Now, women are a bigger part of the warrior component, if more the home front warriors back in Smitty’s time. The story of the guys storming those beaches and manning those machines of war in the 1940s are the ones that need to be told. That’s where you come in and I hope anyone reading this clicks on you link and sees what I mean!

  3. Wishing you all the best, my dear Doug! Happy Birthday, my friend! I raise my cup of coffee to you and many happy returns.

  4. Happy Birthday, Doug! I hope you and Andy find a way to celebrate besides napping. I had the milestone birthday of 70 last August.

    • Thanks, Anne! I think I’ll treat myself to a meal at one of the restaurants in town. There are several possibilities as to which one and I’m reasonably sure I will change my mind several times before I settle on which one.

    • Thanks! I’m blessed with attitude and excellent medical care specific to my needs. That makes a lot of possibilities possible!

  5. Happy birthday Doug & congratulations on making it this far against the uncertain times from two decades ago. You’re just a year older than my dad. Meanwhile, let’s celebrate at least 15 years of cats adventures, right! Take care ❤️.

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