23Mar23: he would have turned 82 today…


Today was my brother Dick’s birthday. He would have turned 82 today. He was lots of fun, a lover of children and animals, both of which responded easily to him, as this video shows. Andy and the late Dougy remembered Dick from year to year and were really happy to see him step in the door each year when he visited! I looked forward to his visits, too. We’d talk and laugh the whole time. Dick was a good fellow.

Marijean, me with Ladybelle our neighbor’s pug, Kathy with Laddie (Grandma McKenzie’s dog), and Dick with some dog I can’t identify for certain. This how I think of my siblings and me, though lots and lots of water have passed under the bridge sine this scene in the 1950s. 

Dougy and Dick.

21 thoughts on “23Mar23: he would have turned 82 today…

  1. Quite! He was one of those gentle people you come to appreciate more as you get older. He had an ornery streak that came with a funny streak that some people had difficulty appreciating.

  2. I’m glad you got to spend some quality time with your brother. It is unfortunate that we get old and have to lose people we love. I still have my brother and sister, but I lost my dad and three cousins.

    • Mee, too. He’d come visit me annually from California. The last couple years of his life, his declining health necessitated skipping the visit. We’d talk, literally for a couple hours, sometimes more, on the phone. That was how my last contacts with him took place.

  3. I join you in honoring your brother and his life, and your memories of Marijean and family, too. Life’s river runs swiftly, and carries us all downstream. I spend a lot of time thinking back, too.

          • Here is the forum message thread.

            This morning I accidentally tried to like a comment from a reader who had replied to my comment on his blog. The “like” function was still not working for me. Below is my response to Tim’s comment.

            “I block popup windows. I accidentally tried liking your comment this morning. Still doesn’t work. The “Like” policing software seems to have some arbitrary threshold of likes per unit time, and then it bans your “likes”, at least from within the reader. Whether that be per minute per day, per week, month or year is unknown.

            “Not all blogs have a “like” button in their email posts, and even when it they do, it doesn’t always work. Your blog is one of those that has an email post “like” button which does not work for me. Many of these WP problems from “liking” to commenting seem theme related. The WP Reader has issues, but has always been the best and easiest way for me to be able to communicate with other blogs.

            WP has grown tremendously over the years, with many, many changes. WP is a wonderful thing. Yet with increasing growth in any business comes increasing automation, including policing functions, less human interaction with corporate Support, and all the ensuing problems for the end user that come from that. I have pulled many an innocent blogger out of SPAM over the years, with no clue as to why they were thrown in there with the usual obvious offenders. Their comments were innocent, inoffensive, and they did nothing wrong. Go figure. Software.

            My blog portion of my site is probably in its last year, this being year 10. I may do four posts, maybe only two this year. I cherish all you friends I have never met.”

  4. Doug, I offer a virtual hug for you my friend, may God bless you and your family, sir. Family memories are beautiful and perhaps a bit bittersweet? Be well. ❤️

  5. Remembering them, this is the only thing for us who stayed without them… Your Brother Dick and lovely Dougy, I also remember because of your blog post… Rest in Peace both of them. Memories mean a lot dear Doug, sometimes I think that life is almost collecting memories… but good and nice… Beautiful post, Thank you, Love and Hugs for you both, you and Lovely Andy, nia

    • Thanks, nia! I think you are right about collecting memories. It is easy to think family and friends we have at each stage of life will always be those family and friends we will have forever. Of course, it doesn’t work out that way, so that’s where memories come into play.

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