21Mar23: a good movie…

Andy enjoys a good Western when there are lots of horses and cows.

He watches for a time but…

…loses interest if the animals get lost from the plot.

You can almost read his mind here!

Time for a nap.


Texas Ruby Red grapefruit season! Love it and make sure I get in on it from start to finish.

26 thoughts on “21Mar23: a good movie…

  1. We watched a series called 1883 and every time it started, Floki jumped on the coffee table to watch with us. He usually lasted only five minutes, but it was funny that it happened every time the show started.

    • An Eastern? LOL! I live in a part of the US with lots of ranch culture, and I even worked on them as a summer job when I was a university student. That makes me a bit smart about the work and stresses of managing cattle from horseback. When I see this activity in a film, I am a bit critical to the point I do or don’t enjoy the film based on what they show.

      • Come to think of it, you’ve probably seen the video of cowboys herding cats! I’m sure that one’s completely wrong in every way, but hilarious!

        • Yes, it is a favorite of mine. Just a side note, my university major was English/Journalism/Advertising, with the idea I’d become an advertisement writer. I still enjoy advertisements that are well conceived and executed. The herding cats one is a classic!

    • A good western always is a surprise to me, but films like “3 Godfathers’ redeems the genre from dreck like the Tim Holt “B” movies. I think I dislike the genre as a rule because I know that the way they got horses to fall over in early times was a wire across their paths. That frequently harmed them or caused injuries requiring killing the horse. I’ve never been able to watch 1939’s “Stagecoach” because of this abuse of animals.

      • Wow Doug, I had no idea! That is so terrible! I don’t mind watching them with my dad, but they aren’t my favorite kind of movie. Shame on those folks. Today we are miles ahead of that terrible abuse but not far enough. For the life of me I can’t understand why the heck anyone would abuse a dog, cat, horse, bird and so on. 😡

    • Very few westerns keep me awake. LOL! I’m very much a great story-cinematography-director fan. Any combination of those three will get me to watch a movie any time. Comedic films of a pre-naughty mouth era I enjoy, too, especially films like the Thin Man series.

  2. Cats and TV is an interesting topic. Xenia will watch CatTV for a while, but gets bored. Out old cat Smidgen was always interested in Spock on Star Trek, and would sit in my wife’s lap to watch it as long as Spock was in an episode.

    • LOL! It’s times like that one wishes being able to speak Catinese were possible! Andy’s late brother, Dougy, didn’t watch television, though he did like “for cat” videos, especially fish and birds.

    • Westerns and movies taking place in cold places or deserts are on my “don’t watch unless they had excellent reviews” list. John Wayne movies are the same, though he made some really good movies I managed to watch and enjoy.

  3. Is that “Cat Ballou?” I saw the movie at a drive-in when I was too young to understand the general plot, but I liked the music. Like Andy, however, I fell asleep midway through the movie. 😸

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