02Apr23: Class of 1966 luncheon for March…

Not thrilled to have my photo taken myself, the least I can do when taking everyone else’s photo is take some selfies of myself, eh?!

We had our March get-together on 31 March. 

I was really happy Flo and Ted were able to come to the luncheons again!

We met at the Gathering Place. It took a bit of time to get orders placed. I had a crispy chicken cordon bleu sandwich and potato salad, both of which were excellent!

We chatted while we waited for our orders to be taken – the long-haired standing lady in the back on the right is the waitress-bar keep. She managed quite well so I made sure I gave her a good tip.

When I ordered my beer, I thought the choice of a large was like the glass with the red beer in it. I got a surprise when the huge mug showed up. I got through it, though. Man, was it heavy for this old man to hoist!

Half full or half empty? Half full for certain when I’m with my friends! 

Will Doug ever put that $*%& smart phone camera away?

Time to pull out for desserts at Donna’s! Well, for most of the crew. Between the beer, a large lunch, and a kitty intervention in my rest the previous night. I bow out this time.

Andy woke me up at 10:30 pm and I’d been up since. I missed the rest of the conversations, but it seemed the best thing to do this time. I fell asleep in my chair almost as soon as I sat down! And the kitty boy? Andy was not amused when his kitty food was late. Everyone knows what the kitty wants, the kitty will have! NOW!


Our group is breaking into the mid-70s in age and each time we get together I realize just how much I value these friends and the other friends who make it sometimes. We share lots of old times together, many school memories, and lots of sorting out where this or that person is now or if they are above ground.

I never imagined this is something I would enjoy as much as I do. I feel blessed to have this group in my life!

22 thoughts on “02Apr23: Class of 1966 luncheon for March…

  1. At last got on, Doug!
    I’m jealous of your get togethers mate. I can’t go to one in my condition.
    Reall glad it went well, even if the furry-boy was a bit miffed. Hehehe!
    I got onto here throught a link on the email, I’ll try that again mate.

    • I have to do the math myself every time because things like my US Army years – 1969-1972 – seem like yesterday, yet have passed into the 50+ realm. Whew! In no time at all, 2026 will be my classes’ 60tth anniversary of graduating high school.

    • It’s always a good time! It started out with the committee to plan various class reunions ever ten years, later every five as we got older for practical reasons related to mortality (!), then they decided to do these luncheons of people living in the area and those occasional old classmates popping through on luncheon day. A couple are from different classes but come with classmates. When one gets into one’s 70s, a person a year or two younger or older is just as welcome to join us.

    • Cool! If you ever were here – Alliance – on the last Friday of the month, you’d be welcome to bring your husband and yourself to the luncheon! I’m a bit of a hermit by nature. FI could go for months without contact with another human being and not be lonesome. On the other hand, this monthly luncheon gives me incentive to get together with people I’ve enjoyed as friends literally for over seven decades in several instances!

  2. Doug! Were you able to drive home okay after that huge glass of beer? 😀

    It sounds like a wonderful get together. Yes, I’ve noted that as time passes the value of friendship really increases. The happiest people in my senior community aren’t the ones with lots of money or a fat portfolio: they’re the ones with lots of friends and family to support them. Staying active doesn’t hurt, either. Which I would have to be if I ate lunches like that every month! They always look delicious!

    • Yes, we talked and ate for a long time. I don’t know if I measured in the danger zone. I didn’t feel buzzed, but I still would ask for the small glass in future as much to limit the alcoholic effect as to limit liquid consumption. People with failed kidneys and on dialysis need to moderate fluid consumption in any form because the more your wet weight going in, the more aggressive the dialysis has to be to reduce your weight to the goal dry weight. One is more likely to have muscle cramps on days you have to have, say, 3 or more liters of fluid removed from your system than one where the extracted fluid in one or a little more. Nothing like pain to help train you to watch fluid intake!

    • I generally eat less at meals at home than restaurant meals, and takeout meals generally are too much, too. I hate to admit it, but I have no problem leaving the last few bites of a restaurant meal when I reach the full point, something that never happened when I was young and more physically active.

    • We look forward to these monthly get togethers. COVID-19 was problematic and one of the organizers died of it. Things are back to normal now.

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