06May23: What the RAWR?! With a look back at yesterday, too.

What’s got my little “killer” wound up?

What the RAWR?!

Why, it’s the old Birbug kitty toy! Haven’t played with this one in a while and Andy is really, really, really into it.


Little by little, I’m getting used to how to get around my apartment dragging oxygen line behind me. The number of times I let out a string of US Army “naughty words” (and they are extremely naughty…) has gone down , which Andy appreciates since I rant them in a very loud voice. 


I have a haircut appointment today, so this mug will disappear for a few months.

Vic always is in motion!

Mountain man, Karl Marx, Solzhenitsyn???

Thanks to the mastery of Vic, I turn into plain Doug again!


Cinco de Mayo, right?

So I treated myself to a meal at Mi Ranchito. Mainly, I wanted the 12-ounce blended lime margarita. Woohoo! Very refreshing! The meal was a bit more than I could finish, though the “margie” wasn’t. I use a spoon to enjoy mine.