03May23: a dark presence…

A dark presence, a blur on the shower stool…

Turns out to be…

..the “Snoop Meister”, Mr. Andy!


My current state, weakness, was all it took to move a shower stool from the guest bathroom to the shower I use. I should have done it years ago. It definitely makes cleaning up more comfortable and a lot safer since I use a hand shower, now, sitting down. Until recently, I had to end the shower once my legs started to give out. I barely got clean!


What a week! I spent yesterday afternoon (01May23) hooked up in the Box Butte General Hospital ER to be monitored for heart and respiratory functions.

It started when I took a heart medication instead of the pills I usually take at lunch. It was a stupid mistake, the 10 heart pills were in the same size and and type of pill container as the pills I meant to take. As soon as I swallowed the heart medication, I had one of those “Oh sxxx!” moments where I realized what I’d done.

I called the pharmacy to find out what I should do. They gave me the poison control telephone number. The people there told me to go to the local ER, which they alerted beforehand to let me know I was coming. There, I was hooked up, as noted, to be monitored for heart and respiratory functions.

I didn’t suffer any side effects but had a lovely rest instead. After six uneventful hours, I was released. Even after the six-hour hospital rest, I was able to go to bed around 7 PM and have a full night’s rest. I’m still exhausted from my weekend hospital stay in Scottsbluff.