17May23: Finally! Greenies are here!

Thank goodness! Andy can…

…rest now that he’s had his Greenies!

On the other hand…

…it’s time to swat those irritating flies!

Much easier done if Andy’s not sitting on the swatter.


The final day before the Greenies arrive was hell on earth, well, a bit tedious for all the kitty pleadings for a treat.

Pat-pat-pat “Gimme Greenies!”

There are none, kitty boy. NONE! They’ll be here this afternoon…or later. Damn! Give me a break!


Just as expected, I got a double up on the auto-ship since I had to order Andy’s prescription KD chicken pâté wet food and Royal Canin Persian dry food earlier than the regular auto-ship.

Yes, I called them to reset the auto ship and yes they still reshipped at the old regular time, well before I needed – or wanted to pay over $100 again so soon – for more of these items I no longer needed so soon.

I give up on Chewy’s help people. I’ll cancel the auto-ship I think or threaten to if they don’t continue to mess things up.

Unfortunately, if I cancel the auto-ship, they will have to contact Andy’s veterinarian each time they ship the KD chicken pâté wet food, a prescription.