20May23: sleepy kitties invite this…

Andy wakes me up to remind me it’s “feed-the-kitty-time” – usually around 12:30 AM!

That inspires me to… 


…the favor!

Take this, Andrew!

OK. I’ll let you have your nap now. (Good move on your part, kitty boy! That recliner footrest fits you to a “t” and the recliner reflects body heat back to you. You should sleep better here than on the lapboard.)


I think I’ll order a taco pizza in town today instead of driving to Rushville tomorrow. I’ll eat half today and the rest I’ll warm up tomorrow. Of course, taco pizzas have to have the lettuce taken off before reheating, but that’s a small job compared with a two hour round trip, eh?!


Mostly, I just let Andy sleep. He’s so angelic in that state!