19May 23: Andy is a cat after all!

Andy just likes to be “kool”! He’s a cat after all.

Part of being “kool”…

…is ignoring…

…a challenge…

NOT to be “kool”!


Oh well. He’s a cat after all!


The television service at the hospital was messed up yesterday. Dialysis without the television is a challenge to one’s patience if one isn’t prepared with alternatives – a book, a smartphone with a good charge, being tired enough to nap for four long hours. I took the latter since I didn’t have any of the former.

It was a good practice for Sunday. The city is doing maintenance of some sort on the electrical grid and there won’t be any electricity citywide from 1 pm till 9 pm. It might be a good day to take a trip to Rushville to check out the Twisted Turtle, a pizza bar that gets good reviews from Alliance people who’ve been there.

Rushville is an hour away. Leave Alliance at 1 pm, arrive in Rushville in time for the pizza bar to open at 2 pm, order pizza and a drink, enjoy pizza, pay bill, leave Rushville for Alliance at…? After a pizza, arrive back in Alliance, take a long nap till the lights come back on.

It might work!