15May23: “Maybe the Greenies are…there!”

Andy is on a quest to find those darn Greenies kitty treats!

Ah ha!

He hasn’t looked there yet.

Andy could have sworn he saw Greenies in this box. Nope…sad kitty!


The Greenies famine came about by confusing Chewy auto-ship workings. I end up with too many containers too soon or not enough when I expect them. When I try to work with them to get an early shipment of – for example – Greenies, they end up sending the Greenies when the auto-shipment is supposed to ship, that is, too late and way more than even Andy can handle! Drives me nuts. 

So, for those of you I’ve worried with poor Andy’s lack of his favorite treat, here’s the new status:

Yes, tomorrow as I type, today as you read, Andy will have a goodly supply of kitty treats, not from Chewy, but from Amazon Prime, my back-up “dealer” to sate Andy’s “addiction”. Now, I’ll be getting too many Greenies till I work out how often I need to auto-ship from my alternating sources. Why not make life as complicated as possible – all for mah kitteh!

Chewy’s late auto-shipment of Greenies was prepared for shipment on Saturday the 13th. I even called them to try to get an early shipment. As usual, they clumped the needed shipment with the future shipment that ended up being too late. The new shipment will arrive early in the week but after the Amazon Prime Greenies. Andy’s suffered too long, yet if this gives Andy too many Greenies, all’s well by his standards! Don’t forget the boxes, too! Andy is about to become a little piggy in Little Piggylandia!