16May23: At 1:38 pm they came!

I don’t get anything for all this free “my-cat-won’t-have-any-treat-but-Greenies-oven-roasted- chicken-flavor-dental-treats” business, but Andy would be a perfect spokes-cat for the brand, I tell you!

Andy isn’t quite aware of the happy news here…

…but he quickly recognizes the container.

He wants to “examine” – devour! – the contents!

“There, my little piggy! The Greenies famine officially has come to an end!”


Andy always leaves some leftovers. He will not eat them later. They are wasted. I end up tossing them to cats outside that rule the night and any birds that chose to try a Greenie.

Yes, Andy had to clean up after pigging out on his favorite kitty treat!