10Jun23: How do you say “Sláinte!” in Catinese?

Andy has normal cat curiosity. 

But single malt Scotch isn’t his drink!

Once in a while, though, on special occasions, it is mine.


A typical comment about root beer by internationals is it tastes like cough syrup. Forewarned, this is a summertime American treat, the root beer float!

I made my first one today in years. It still satisfies! Yes, that’s vanilla ice cream. You fill a large glass to the level you see in the top photo unless you want a mess when you add the root beer – it will fizz over, so pour the root beer in slowly, very slowly!

You eat the root beer-soaked ice cream with the spoon, making sure you get a little root beer in the spoon, too. Add more root beer as necessary. By the end, you will have eaten all the ice cream, leaving a creamy root beer drink that is very refreshing.

If you use an ice cream scoop, the drink has a better presentation, but I knew mine was in the dirty dishes soaking in the sink. I used a knife to cut chunks out of the ice cream in the container. The float tasted just as yummy!

Incidentally, using other soft drinks – lemon-lime, cherry-flavored, orange – you can make a summer drink that is more suitable for people who find root beer unacceptable. I personally like orange best of the alternatives.

I have experimented with different flavors of ice cream and soft drinks with generally ok results.


18 thoughts on “10Jun23: How do you say “Sláinte!” in Catinese?

    • Especially since it’s a Detroit-born ginger ale according to an article on it’s history…. Sounds refreshing, though. I’ll have to try it even if FI have to use Canada Dry Ginger Ale or order Vernor’s off Amazon.

  1. Root beer floats are a specialty in my wife’s family. I’ve found that cherry ice-cream ( if you can find it) makes a good float. I don’t know about where you are, Doug, but around here it’s gotten hard to find a good root beer. I have to go to one of the natural food stores and get some from a “craft brewer” that uses one of the old recipes. A&W used to be the beverage of choice, but somehow doesn’t seem to have the zing of old. Some weirder folks claim that a float made with Moxie is good. But Moxie is real medicinal, and a hard to acquire taste. My cat just goes for some of our own home grown catnip.

    • There is something different about today’s A&W root beer, I agree. As for something better, here in Western Nebraska, I’d probably have to go online for it.

      Cherry ice cream in a float sounds really delicious! I think I’d try it with cherry Coke or something other than root beer.

  2. Root beer – I haven’t had one in a long time.

    Cats are curious for sure, and I have seen a many a cat beg for a sniff on occasion, only to wrinkle their nose and turn away! I can imagine scotch has too strong a scent for wee Andy kitty. 🙂

    • Yes, Andy stepped back after a sniff of the Scotch, but, as you can imagine, he still wanted to know what I had in my glass!

      I rarely drink soft drinks, especially root beer, but it was a nice treat.

    • Galliano definitely needs to be mixed with something. I can imagine it would make a tasty milkshake! The last time I had any was as a college student in 1967 or so. I wonder if it would be good with soda water, like Campari with soda water.

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