22Aug23: “…two days before they turned 8.”

Andy two days before they turned 8.

The late Dougy two days before they turned 8.


I saw a suggestion photo at the bottom of a post. It took me back four years ago, a year I had hospitalization for a ruptured pseudoaneurysm in my dialysis fistula and a hospital stay to create a new one on the opposite arm. For the fun of it, I scrolled through other posts around that time and came onto these two photos of the kitty brothers, Andy and Dougy. 


22 thoughts on “22Aug23: “…two days before they turned 8.”

    • I agree. Andy has, however, been more secure and confident a kitty boy now that the bigger Dougy isn’t claiming every place and thing his.

    • I looked it up and you’ve been following this post since September 13, 2016. Thank you for all your comments and interest, John! You have a seventh anniversary coming up!

    • Gad! I can never forget that day and how it was a blood bath in my apartment till I was able to locate and compress the right spot on my arm!

      Yeah, those were especially nice photos of the two. Sometimes I lucked out. You know how taking kitty photos goes!

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