19Sep23: Hey, Andy!

“Hey, Andy!” I call Andy by name.

He responds to it and…

…assumes there are Greenies in it for him. (Of course, he got some!)


I took several bags of cat litter (used – ugh!) to the dumpster. I’d put it off for too long, assuming they’d be a hassle to lob over the rim of the dumpster once I got them there. They turned out to be easy enough to put into the dumpster, thankfully, so that was an incentive to not accumulate them in future, thinking they’d be a hassle. The hassle was having so many piling up inside, taunting me! LOL!

I double and triple bag the used litter for security purposes. I single-bagged one once and it developed a leak when I picked it up. Of course, that was a delight to clean up off carpet.

I put Andy’s litter box “contributions” into a small container that grocery store plastic bags fit over. When it’s full, I slip a plastic bag over the container, invert it, let gravity transfer the waste into the bag by lifting the container out. Container out, I tie the bag off. Lately, instead of trying to stuff a full bag into a second one, I’ve doubled empty bags to save the hassle. I think I’ll start bagging “it” before the container is full in future, though, to make them easier to handle. A full bag must weigh 20 pounds/ 9 kilos!


Decluttering continues. It seems endless some days. Perhaps it is! The goal is to be more careful about buying things that seem to be necessary but turn out to be minimally useful. I tend to be a sucker for those sorts of gadgets! Cat toys are an especially good example of things that are money wasted. Andy is very fussy about toys, rejecting most of them.

31 thoughts on “19Sep23: Hey, Andy!

  1. We’ve been using Dry Den Animal Bedding (pelleted wood) for litter. The deposits can be sifted out, but one still has to dispose of the wet sawdust resulting from urine. It is a little lighter than clay.

  2. The look of anticipation on Mr Andy’s face says it all – like, “What did you call me for, man?”
    Have you ever tried pine chip litter? The “contributions” are flushed down the toilet, and the moisture gradually dissolves the chips into almost sand, at which point it needs to be changed. For two cats, we changed it once a week, but with the three of them, it became twice a week. Still, it is very much worth it.

    • Oh dear! I can imagine it! FI have a small Christmas tree i had to put up once I got cats. I have this Nepalese creche that has figures made out of felt, but it has to stay in storage because Little Baby Jesus is the same size and shape, kind of, of a baby mouse. Andy’s favorite toy as a kitten was a mouse that LBJ reminds him of….

    • He generally responds to his name if he isn’t involved in “important kitty business”.

      Yes the decluttering is slow but headed in the right direction. Just having workspace on the kitchen counters was a major victory so far!

  3. At least cat toys are relatively inexpensive! My weakness is kitchen gadgets, especially the ones that get touted on the internet: smoothie blenders, Instant Pots, super sharp knives (guaranteed to never lose their edge, meaning they’re blunt within a week), convection ovens…. Most of them end up at Goodwill after three years or less, even. But good luck on your housecleaning! It’s a pain in the backside, but once you’re done you’ll feel great about yourself and your home! Cats unfortunately could care less. 😂

    • I have a problem with crap sold by Publishers Clearing House at low prices and high shipping and handling. Some is OK and I use, but most are of poor quality, break in short order, or prove to be no improvement worth the effort to use and clean. I’ve bought things advertised on television once they are available elsewhere, like Amazon Prime, another dangerous clutter source!

    • I am using the “if you haven’t needed it in a year, toss it” method of sorting out things. Sometimes, something will still appeal when it shows up in the piles but I toss it anyway or it will breed new clutter! It’s a hard discipline to maintain.

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