19Nov23: only two Greenies…

It was a sad moment for Andy till I added some more Greenies to those on the lapboard.

jfwknifton asked about Greenies in his comments. I’m not compensated for comments or photos about this product, incidentally, nor intend to encourage the manufacturer to do so. It just happens that Andy’s veterinarian carries this brand of kitty (and dog) treat and Andy approves! The photo shows the large size tub of cat Greenies. His veterinarian carries the small pouch format. Andy goes through that size in no time.

31 thoughts on “19Nov23: only two Greenies…

    • Thanks to auto-delivery set up too frequently, there are way too many available! (I had to call chewy to get something done about that.)

    • It is a pet treat. There are cat and dog versions of dental treats and they also make a treat you can stuff a pill into for dogs. I don’t think there’s a cat version. If Andy could copywrite advertisements, he’d write a glowing one for this product! Andy likes the chicken-flavored one. They come in salmon and beef, too.

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