Post 1010: catching up takes time…

Thanks to Liz (maggie0019) and Chris (contrafactual), my blog increased from 750 or so followers to 777 while I was sick and recovering during my recent illness. Since I came back, the followership’s increased again to 789.

In past, I would thank people individually for following. I’ve been so caught up in getting back to normal at home and dealing with computer problems (password issues that kept me off WordPress, for example) that I’ve failed to do the appreciative thing, namely thank each and every new person to “follow” weggieboy’s blog. If you haven’t had a personal thank you from me for following this blog, please consider this your “thank you”!

andy jan2 16

And Andy’s in the bathroom sink enjoying a little skritching from me. That’s why they are called “Purr-sian” cats

dougy 4 120815.jpg crazy whiskers

How about those goofy whiskers?! Dougy’s face, gone wild.




Post 699: Morning is dawning.

If my cats didn’t keep the blinds on my computer desk window in total disarray, I might never see the morning, or the day and night. I spend too much time here, I know, and those days – like yesterday – that I limit my time on the computer seem to just bog me down with too many new blog posts, YouTube videos, and miscellaneous e-mails to sort through and try to view.

"Oh! The sun is up!"

“Oh! The sun is up!”

I hope people read my posts, yet I feel over-burdened with theirs when they add more than one a day. Several post one photo or illustration per posting several times a day. To view, review, “like” (if I do!), close, then delete a post I’ve seen is five keystrokes. If someone posts 15 individual photos or poems (and some do!) a day, that’s 75 keystrokes, where five keystrokes would do if they posted everything in one post.

The impact of the multiple postings is to minimize the amount of time I have available to enjoy the poster’s work and a severe reduction in the amount of time I have available to update my post once a day.

I confess, there are days I am over-whelmed to the point I go through the 300 or so e-mail notifications waiting for me and delete as many as I possibly can, starting with those that are from multiple posters. 

I don’t feel good about it, but it seems to be the only way to get through the day without spending the whole day in front of a computer screen, missing little things. Like the sun coming up.