Post 699: Morning is dawning.

If my cats didn’t keep the blinds on my computer desk window in total disarray, I might never see the morning, or the day and night. I spend too much time here, I know, and those days – like yesterday – that I limit my time on the computer seem to just bog me down with too many new blog posts, YouTube videos, and miscellaneous e-mails to sort through and try to view.

"Oh! The sun is up!"

“Oh! The sun is up!”

I hope people read my posts, yet I feel over-burdened with theirs when they add more than one a day. Several post one photo or illustration per posting several times a day. To view, review, “like” (if I do!), close, then delete a post I’ve seen is five keystrokes. If someone posts 15 individual photos or poems (and some do!) a day, that’s 75 keystrokes, where five keystrokes would do if they posted everything in one post.

The impact of the multiple postings is to minimize the amount of time I have available to enjoy the poster’s work and a severe reduction in the amount of time I have available to update my post once a day.

I confess, there are days I am over-whelmed to the point I go through the 300 or so e-mail notifications waiting for me and delete as many as I possibly can, starting with those that are from multiple posters. 

I don’t feel good about it, but it seems to be the only way to get through the day without spending the whole day in front of a computer screen, missing little things. Like the sun coming up.


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  1. I tried the Reader approach today, and that seems like a winner. It’s a lot faster than opening each one from an e-mail notification, and, if it’s just a photo or short blog, I find a lot can be view in toto and “liked” in the Reader without having to open the whole thing. Much faster!

  2. I totally understand about to many posts in one day and I have been guilty of posting more than one in a day.
    I have had to unfollow a few folks who post six to ten a day as I cannot keep up with them and like you am overwhelmed.
    Have a good Monday and how very cool your boys are showing you the sunrise.

    • Yours aren’t over-whelming like some are, so don’t worry about posting more than once a day sometimes. Your blogs fall into a few categories: Ali news and photos (need I say why I am interested in your fuzzy black beauty?), updates on your family (how you and Tim are doing, medically, is a concern…!), your flower photo blogs (which I enjoy a lot because you have a great talent for flower portraiture!), and scenes around your area. Occasionally you get on a rant, but I’m about the same age as you. Your rants are my rants!

  3. I, too, get overwhelmed by too many posts. I like to read them carefully and respond as possible. I haven’t written a lot lately due to extra duty to a family member. I hope I can pull it together soon.

  4. I have the answer… give your cats the task of reviewing all the blog posts, email, etc. and only passing on to you the most relevant ones. Of course you will end up reading a lot of posts and comments about cats, mice and birds… but that’s not all bad!
    I hear you… and I don’t even attempt to read everything… as somebody else said all you can do is the best you can do! If it is stressing you out and no longer enjoyable it is not worth it!

  5. hello Doug! So you too are having mixed feelings about this blogging stuff we are in to, I limit my blogging to a post a day, first it is reasonable, second every post means a lot of work until it is ready to publish, I try to schedule one or two in advance and I keep a dozen as drafts until I write some words which is normally the last thing I do. There’s no need to tell how hard it is sometimes to do it! I can see that you keep a lot of interaction with your folowers – that is great but you know that is also very demanding. If I may give you an advice – never miss a sunrise or a sunset or even a walk around your house looking at little things for a comment or some likes – focus on your posts if you move out of your computer they be even better next time! Have a great week, my friend!

    • Great advice José! What I like about your posts is I can play the music while I go through the others. It may not be the ideal way to listen to good music, but it assures I experience the artists you feature, many of whom I wouldn’t know about if I didn’t follow your blog! I try to make my blogs a short as I can, with an emphasis on the kitty photos since Andy and Dougy are, afterall, my muses for most of my posts.

      Speaking of my muses, Andy relaxed his guard early today, and has had his medicine. With cats, not being predictable helps when you need to catch them. He protested a little, but mostly he was a good boy.

      • I only get emails when someone starts following or likes one of my posts. Try not to get emails every time one of the blogs you follow posts – that is a considerable amount of emails, you can set that using the list of all the people you follow and selecting the option of not getting any email. Go to the WP reader section and create lists by topic or maybe the best option a single list of the blogs you want to keep in touch. Then through the reader you can check the blogs in the list you created and if you wish you can go to the blog and read/listen or watch whatever is in the post! If you do this you’ll get a lot more time for your posting!

        • More good advice! I hate to cut anyone off, but I also need to restore time for activities other than blogging and following blogs. I think an hour a day is the most I want to spend with it, including updating my own blog. That may not be realistic, and I have considered changing to a less frequent schedule for my blog. (Some days, I don’t have great ideas for a blog anyway.)

  6. Just out of curiosity, why not just turn off the email notifications from blogs that are “too much” Then you can choose to read them or not in the reader. The only blogs I get emails from are the ones that post once a week or once a month and don’t want to miss them.

    • I just got through the e-mails. Now I have the videos…! (I try to post videos that are a minute long or not much more. Others post these 20 minute videos that are a task to work through.)

      • Some bloggers make schedules. Only watch videos certain days, read blogs other, but check emails everyday. One blogger put out his schedule so everyone knew. it’s ok if you can’t get to everything everyday.

        • That’s an interesting approach. I hadn’t thought about doing it that way. I work through the comments first (deleting most, unread), then the blog updates, then the videos. It worked for a time, but only if I committed time to the process each day. If I didn’t feel like getting on the computer in past, there were no significant consequences. Now, well, I’ve outlined the issues above! 🙁

  7. It is hard to read everyone’s posts, I try to, but don’t always comment because it is time consuming. Please try to visit us today for our Dr. Seuss themed giveaway.

    • I missed it the first time through since I was dealing with such a glut of blogs and videos to work through. I remembered the photos, but apparently didn’t read the captions! Anyway, I posted a comment.

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