Post 1568: sleepy kitty boys…


Andy managed to hop on his light stand when Dougy wasn’t on his ottoman. As long as they are facing opposite directions, Dougy tolerates his brother being this close to his ottoman. 

Sleepy kitty boys!


Once again, I accidentally deleted a comment while replying to it. It happens really fast. Drives me nuts! I think it was from Amy and it was about there being a place to buy Andy and Dougy themed gifts, which my text suggested were available at the end of the “tour” of Andy in a fantasy gift shop. Of course, there is none!

37 thoughts on “Post 1568: sleepy kitty boys…

  1. Oh, sweet moods eh? Kali is usually in a sweet mood but Shoko takes after me and is not in a sweet mood right away in the morning…give her time to herself and she is rarin’ to go. During the night if I roll around too much….she will hit me, without claws. However, if I am not well, she seems to know the difference and will sit with me….sometimes giving me her YEOW banana. Then she proceeds to stare at me! Someone said cats don’t like direct eye contact. Then why does Shoko stare at me…its confusing.


    • I know that is so about cats, yet they can be rude and stare at you under certain circumstances. Andy does it when he expects me to make a move toward putting out the wet kitty food. Dougy generally avoids staring at me.

      They do seem to sense when you are well or not, for sure! When I had a WG flare in November 2012 – January 2013, they would do vigils on my bed, watching and cuddling with me, but not bugging me to get up.

  2. Yeeeech ! That’s close ! I hope they are in mellow moods when they wake up !
    I have had comments vanish when replying to them, and I am sure I did not delete them, which is even more infuriating.

    • Both kitty boys wake up in sweet moods. As for the comments, people tell me how to unspam them, but I must have a mental block, a brain tumor, or a mild intelligence deficiency because I can never find the spot they mention. I click on the bell icon at the up right hand of the page to bring up comments highlighted there. I know if I bring them up from the email notification., they show up in a different format that does have an easy way to unspam them. On the other hand, the spam option is harder to accidentally hit there.

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