02May20: restraint or leave the finger alone…


Andy likes Doug (the human) to scritch him.


Danger zone! Lots of times, Andy attacks the hand that strays onto his right side, but only if he’s on his end table. This time, he doesn’t go cat on it…


…but he really, really, really wants to take that finger! (Yes, he nibbled it a little before Doug pulled it out of reach!)

Post 2228: flyswatters are cat toys, too…

Andy is more concerned at the moment with good grooming than playing “flyswatter”, a game both he and Dougy enjoy. The game is simple: Try to catch the flyswatter as it slips in and out of the pages of the magazines or newspapers on the floor. That’s how they get all chewed up!


The question is, can Andy ignore the challenge of the flyswatter forever?

You kidding? The flyswatter is irresistible fun! He even added a little extra to the game: A water bottle cap that he alternated with digging for the flyswatter. (That’s what he’s trying to “catch” in the top left and bottom photos.)