10 thoughts on “1 August 2011

  1. Thank you. I’ve said it before, but it still is how I feel: Louie was a great cat! This video and the storybook video featuring Louie are just two happy remembrances of this wonderful cat, even if they are bittersweet happy remembrances.

    • Yes, Louie was a cat I rescued from the local pound. He was a huge tabby (almost 24 pounds!), and a cat with lots of personality. He almost was more like a small dog (I could wrestle with him, and not be afraid I’d hurt him) in some ways. My Persians, Andy and Dougy seem more delicate in comparison, though they are great companion critters, too!

      • Thank you. I hadn’t heard about Dewey the Library Cat (great name!), but the story is very interesting.

        I think every garden needs one or two proper cats, but I can see where every library might benefit if there were library cats to wander among the patrons!

        Elder care facilities would do well to have a resident cat (or dog), too. Some of the residents of such places had to give up beloved animal companions when they moved into the care facilities. Others just need the entertainment of a cat being playful with a peacock feather or soothing on the lap, purring.

        The care center where my mother and father lived toward the ends of their lives had a small terrier that looked like the film dog Benji, was named Benji. He belonged to the head of nursing, and came to work with her. He was a beloved member of the “household”. He was smart, knew he wasn’t allowed in the eating area, but would sneak around for snacks from the residents anyway.

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