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It took me from 7:00 AM till 2:52 to work through all the e-mails and blog update notices today.

Frankly, it exhausted me and I don’t feel much like writing my blog post for today.

I need to change how I handle my computer time. It never was my intention that this machine would become the post-retirement unpaid job it some days tends to be.

10 thoughts on “e-mails and blogs

  1. Agreed, it is 1 AM here and I need to leave for work by 7 AM. I think “let me look at the blogs I am following” realize it has been many days since I checked. Start reading one blog in reverse order. Start commenting. Check on another blog, repeat.

    I spend every waking minute in front of some form of computer.

    • Ow! I hate to think what would happen if I missed a day or more! You are a brave – and/or very busy! – man to do that!

      I generally start by sorting through all the e-mails to delete those I know I don’t want to read, then go through the blogs, followed by YouTube.

      If any day’s left, if I have any energy left, I put something together for my blog. I didn’t post daily until recently because of health issues, family concerns, and lack of a focus for the blog. I try for one a day, which, on average, I meet.

      People who post multiple times a day are the ones who bog me down, especially when they write an interesting blog or post interesting photos.

      • My problem is that I get an idea and I want to post it immediately. I am forcing myself to throttle back and compose the posts offline for posting later to avoid multiple posts per day. Even so, I blame WordPress for global sleep deprivation. 😉

      • I think that’s what happens with a lot of people.

        My worst single personal example is the five part one I wrote on my chronic facial pain. I should have scheduled the sections to post over five days, using the “spare” time to build an inventory of new blogs to get me through a short dry spell. Cartoonists do it, so why not bloggers?

        Actually, I didn’t realize I could schedule blogs to post at a later time until just recently! It’s hard to believe something as handy as that would go unknown for over four years I’ve been doing this, but it did.

        And, yes, it’s WordPress’ fault! LOL! Well, my cats contribute to sleep deprivation, too. I’ve been up an hour (it’s 3:55 as I write) because the boys wanted me to fee them on their usual schedule, not later, when I might actually feel rested.

    • A simple video is a huge time investment if I do anything to it. I’ve spent hours on videos that last a minute but came from content lasting 9-10 minutes. I understand how photos can take lots of time, too (especially those as nicely done as yours!) , though I probably am less fussy about these than videos.

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