Post 1262: what Dougy does with the recliner when Andy’s out of the room…

The kitty boys love the recliner. It’s big, it’s comfortable, and it is a good kitty highway to other favorite spots in the room. It is only natural they squabble over it and try to make exclusive claims on it!

Andy went back to the guest bedroom, so Dougy quickly abandoned his ottoman to monopolize the recliner.


A quick look to make sure Andy won't spoil his recliner spiel!

A quick look to make sure Andy won’t spoil his recliner spiel!

Dougy notices something on the seat. A spider? (Ugh! Hope not!)

Dougy notices something on the seat. A spider? (Ugh! Hope not!)

Whatever it is or isn’t, Dougy gets his kitty on and pounces!

Whew! Just a litter box pellet! (Huh? That’s icky, too!)

Dougy needs to check for Andy again….


“That was fun!”

No Andy, so Dougy relaxes a little.

Yes, the kitty boys love, love, love the recliner! So do I.


36 thoughts on “Post 1262: what Dougy does with the recliner when Andy’s out of the room…

  1. That recliner does look comfy, but if there were any doubt it’s dispelled by the boys preference for it. Cats are the comfort experts par excellence.


  2. Snorts and oinks! Love these two guys. Last night here at the Hotel Thompson – it was the round of the Hemi with mommy. He kept getting up on a side board and trying to swing at mom’s floor length Tiffany lamp. This will not end well. XOXO – Bacon


  3. Looks like you need to get rid of EVERYTHING in the living room and install two more recliners Doug. Then you and the Boyz can fight over one chair at a time but a different one each time.

    Face it, which ever one YOU decide to sit in will be the one each boy wants MOST. That they spend their time out maneuvering each other is predicated on ousting you first. I know me some cat. ~~dru~~

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    • You got it exactly right! There are times when one cat is on an arm, the other on the back, and I’m squeezed in between on the seat. Any other time, they are using it as a cat highway, hopping over or walking on me to get from back to arm or arm to arm. Of course, they both stop by to get a good “scritching” before heading elsewhere for important cat business.


    • Yes, I’m pretty sure you did, though (like you….) I either missed some people or wished others Happy New Year more than once! Since I also see you posts on Facebook, I know there is a good chance I repeat myself in response to your blog posts. Anyway, Michel, the recent election here means any good wishes I get this year are needed more than usual!

      Yes, cats love those pieces of furniture that are cozy and mine get upset when I take their favorite spot!

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    • The one about more recliners? Or was there another one? I just started replying to comments on today’s post, so I didn’t hit that key (and hope I don’) that accidentally deletes comments I’m answering at the moment and that can’t be retrieved. I do try to remember who wrote the comment in those cases and try to remember the comment enough to post something. I do appreciate every comment I get and feel it is reasonable to respond to every one since everyone who comments took the time to let me know they saw what I posted and wanted to let me know how they felt about it.


    • Ha! Ha! I can imagine how that must be for Kali! (…and you!)

      My kitties are afraid of water and just about nothing else. I’m glad they like to eat spiders, millers, crickets, and other creepy-crawlies that show up in the house.


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