cross purposes

The boys are great fun most days, but there are other days when one cat on my computer desk is a challenge , and the intrusion of a second one is one cat too many.

When I began making the video below, I envisioned it as a vignette of Andy playing with a pen. Andy chose to expand the theme into “very cute cat playing a game with his human by dropping a pen over the side of a shelf so the human had to retrieve it for the cute cat”.

Dougy didn’t have anything better to do, so he stopped by for a nose rub or whatever he could get out of me. He refused to let the distraction of the pen stop him from his quest! He stood his ground – right between Andy and me while I was trying to make the video of Andy.

Oh well. “Surviving retirement with two cats” is, after all, the general theme of this blog.

16 thoughts on “cross purposes

    • Thanks! Yes, the boys express themselves very vividly with your expressions, which sometimes gives their intentions away before they can be naughty. Ha!

      Music with a Celtic feel seemed appropriate since Andy is named after the patron saint of Scotland, the Apostle Saint Andrew, and Dougy bears another notable Scottish name, Douglas (which means “dark stream”, as in a deep river, I suppose).

  1. They are adorable. You are so blessed! I do so love to see these videos as I had such a beautiful black cat but can’t have another one after he broke my heart. He’s been gone three years now. Here I go into tears again…..

    • I think most people see the boys as black cats, but I see them more as gray cats with black points. Of course, I see them in different light throughout the day, and their grayish quality is most pronounced in strong light. Of course, since I make videos of them, they are most interesting and active in darker parts of the house!

      I understand how you can feel sorrow after three years. I just got through the second anniversary of Louie the ginger cat’s death, and I still tear up thinking about that noble and sweet cat.

    • Andy’s eyes are more yellow than orange, but the color balance of the desk lamp is toward the warm side. Interestingly enough, that color of orange is the color of Dougy’s eyes. Both are grayish cats with black highlights (their father was a Birman, so they have color distribution similar to that, only much darker).

      • It’s a variation you sometimes see in darker cats. Dougy’s brother Andy is lighter in color, and his eyes are more yellow than orange, though in some videos they appear to be orange. Dougy’s eyes definitely are orange, however, and the eye color was one way I kept them sorted out when they were kittens and not instantly familiar identifiable to me.

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