Post 2126: Hint! Hint!


Andy is putting on a show of some sort.


I don’t pick up on his message….


Oh! Now I get it!


Andy wants a good “scritching”!



Post 2119: sleeping cat styles…

louie asleep

My late ginger kitty Louie had a strange sleeping style…


…where his tail curled this way and he oftentimes pressed against a piece of furniture to nap.


The Persian kitty boys prefer to curl up on furniture…


…to snooze.








Post 1915: spoiled play…

Something’s not right…

That darn Andy’s up there! Dougy can’t concentrate on having fun!

Post 1898: a slow start…

Andy just wants me to leave him alone now that he’s had his kitty food…


…and Dougy’s too busy cleaning up to pay attention to me. Too early, I guess, for kitty hijinx.

Post 806: high contrast Andy…

~ Lick! Lick! ~

~ Lick! Lick! ~

“Watching you watching me…!”

Something smells interesting on the carpet...

Something smells interesting on the carpet…

A big yawn, hidden for politeness sake!

A big yawn, hidden for politeness sake!

cross purposes

The boys are great fun most days, but there are other days when one cat on my computer desk is a challenge , and the intrusion of a second one is one cat too many.

When I began making the video below, I envisioned it as a vignette of Andy playing with a pen. Andy chose to expand the theme into “very cute cat playing a game with his human by dropping a pen over the side of a shelf so the human had to retrieve it for the cute cat”.

Dougy didn’t have anything better to do, so he stopped by for a nose rub or whatever he could get out of me. He refused to let the distraction of the pen stop him from his quest! He stood his ground – right between Andy and me while I was trying to make the video of Andy.

Oh well. “Surviving retirement with two cats” is, after all, the general theme of this blog.