Andy demands equal time!!! Rawr!

andy in window 11 17 2013

Andy watching the backyard fir tree for birds.

This will be a shorty today because I just realized it’s 48 minutes past “feed-the-kitty-time”. Cats sleep on computer keyboards for a reason, you know: To keep us from forgetting important things like, well, “feed-the-kitty-time” and “play-with-the-kitty-time”, and “kitty-treat-time”. If my boys were outdoor cats, there’d be “let-the-cat-out-NOW-time” as well. You get the idea, I’m sure.

Gotta go. Andy’s standing there sucking in his fat little tummy to remind me of something….

Before long, he’ll be punching it out on my computer keyboard: f-e-e-d=t-h-e=k-i-t-t-y=t-i-m-e…

Umm. OK!

21 thoughts on “Andy demands equal time!!! Rawr!

    • It’s pretty expensive for a cardboard box ($14.95), but the idea is great. I think I’d try to make one first. If I failed, then I’d pay that amount. I have made box forts for the boys before, ugly assemblages that amused thew cats! That’s what it’s about. I will see if I can find it at a better price somewhere. Thanks!

    • Rawr! My cats both love feather toys, and the commercial version of these are clearly made using fishing lure tools and materials, just like this toy. The guy in the video used a pipe cleaner (or something similar) to make an attaching point, but the commercial versions use a fish hook with the hook snipped off. The nice thing about the one the guy made is it can be as big and fantastic as his imagination wishes to make it, while the commercial ones follow a simpler standard design. Thanks again, Shaun!

    • Mine tend to just fall asleep, with no expectations! Of course, when they want attention, they take over the space where I work the mouse or place my arm when I use the mouse. These are documents in many videos in case they ever take me to court for not tickling their tummies!

    • Thanks! They also have lovely Persian cat dispositions that makes them a joy to be around! What was that movie – “Cats and Dogs”? – where the villain was a white Persian? Pure slander of the breed! They look tough but they are, well, pussycats!

  1. Oh cats can communicate all right. Telepathically of course. I know for sure they can, as it’s been proved to me, we just need to listen to what they are saying.

    Cats get fed up with us for not listening.

    Never heard of a typing cat but I went to get a link to Nora the piano-playing cat and found this – funny:

    • I’ve seen that before, and it is absolutely hilarious!! I’m glad to have this link to it in a convenient place now, so thank you! I hope anyone stopping by here DOES take the time to watch because it’ll put a huge smile on your face, you’ll fall down laughing, and you’ll have a great day. Promise! Thanks again, Don!

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