10 thoughts on “Dougy has his way

  1. I have a friend and we have a running joke about forgetting things and getting things mixed up as it happens to us both all lthe time. Mind you, he is 82 and I am only 58 but it’s the PTSD, It seems to me remembering things and getting mixed up is a common problem these days, probably due to the stress of modern day living.

    • I’ve seen this one, but it is nice to have it “archived” here now, too! Thanks, Alice! Shorty and Kodi, the cats in this video, now appear in a paperback book. (I see it’s shown at the end of the video.) I just recently ordered and received it, and it’s quite entertaining, especially for people familiar with the video series featuring, first, Shorty ( the black cat), then Kodi.

      Speaking of adoring cats, Andy just stopped by my computer for a face and nose rub. My hands are cold so I get something out of contact with a 102 degree F (38.9 degrees C) cat body, too! Ha!

    • This is why our blood pressure drops when we pet our kitties and dogs! What satisfied little guys he and Andy are when I rub that little spot they can’t reach right between the eyes!

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