Post 2149: too hot…

It’s one of those days. Too hot to run around, but not too hot to get a good head rub. Dougy is happy to get the head rub!

10 thoughts on “Post 2149: too hot…

    • That little spit in between the eyes? Oh yeah! Both love, love, love that! They even drool, it feels so good! They react to cheek rubs the same way you do, and love to have their chins and chests “skritched”.

    • They seem not to be hot, actually. Ofg course, I watch them for signs of heat distress just in case, but I provide them plenty of water, put out ice in water (Andy loves it; Dougy not so much.), and notice they find pockets of cool around the house. The bathroom flkoors, for example, are actually cold and they spend lots of time snoozing there during the hot part of the day. They habve an appointment in the middle of August for another trim. It will be a summer-short one.

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