Post 759: The boys look pretty all trimmed up!

We got through the grooming appointment just fine. The report is the boys were very good while there. Like human children, they are much nicer with others than they are at home…!

Dougy whined from the moment I caught him and put him in the carrier till I left the groomer’s. When I returned to pick the boys up, Dougy started whining as soon as he became aware of me. What an actor! Andy, however, was quiet and well-behaved the whole time. 

Dougy sneaks after his brother Andy!

Dougy sneaks after his brother Andy!

Dougy didn’t cooperate with me for an “after” photo, either. This was the best of those I got.

Andy has cause to be suspicious!

Andy has cause to be suspicious! He looks handsome in his “after” photo.

Look at all that cat hair on the carpet! Now that the boys are trimmed down, that isn’t such a problem.

Today, I can vacuum the carpet knowing it will stay clean a lot longer. When the boys are untrimmed, the carpet needs daily care to look clean.

(Of course, as a guy, I can put up with nasty cat-hair-covered carpet a long time before I do something about it! 🙂 )

32 thoughts on “Post 759: The boys look pretty all trimmed up!

    • The boys have had several sessions with the same groomers, and everyone pretty much knows how we want them to look after grooming: not shaved, but neater. It’s a teddybear cut.

    • Thanks! I was happy with their cuts, as usual. I am fortunate in that they have a really talented groomer who likes cats. Better yet, my cats behave at the groomers, a small miracle! (One I appreciate since they have the option of refusing to groom problem pets…!)

  1. Tell Dougy I commiserate with him. My human puts me through the same regimen. He and his Mrs. are always moaning about my Golden Locks left here and there. They clean and gripe, clean and gripe, clean and gripe. Leave our hair where it drops. It chases burglars away by announcing – “Attack cat on duty,” and “Golden Retriever Ready to Rumble.” That will put fear in their hearts! …… Well kind of ……

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