Post 1460: …so stinkin’ hot!

Andy is tired of the stinkin’ heat, as am I. I’ve added something new to the air conditioning I turn on to help the kitty boys deal with the heat: old-fashioned ice! 

Yes, I brought out the cat dishes I usually use to give the kitty boys the water off of albacore and turned them into heat relief watering holes.

It’s a new enough heat remedy Andy has to contemplate it a bit first. (The kitty boys still have their water fountain, their regular watering hole, but putting ice in that might not be a good idea because it might cause problems with the little pump that makes it work.)

Andy tests it out…

…and decides licking the ice or drinking the iced water is a hot weather hit!

Dougy, on the other hand, finds ice in water a bit avant-garde for his tastes, though he did give it a lick. He chose to find a cool spot in the bathroom.


39 thoughts on “Post 1460: …so stinkin’ hot!

  1. Mom waited too long to put ice in our water. It melted before we had a chance to do anything with it. (we don’t have air conditioning, so it was really hot.) Snoops and Kommando Kitty

  2. It’s hot here too. Can’t wait for October to come around… The doggies also love to have ice cubes in their water. Benji drools immensely when he chews them, Ms. Zulu drags it to her “nest”.

    • Andy sitys by the water bowl when I go into the kitchen so I know he wants some ice in the water! That behavior started after the very first time I put the ice in the water, so that gives you a pretty good idea that he, at least, approves of the ice.

  3. The ice in water for the boys is a great idea. We are fortunate here in that it cools down into the 40s and 50s at night in summer, although it may hit in the 90s and 100s during the day. This morning was barely 50 degrees, although it is supposed to hit 89 or above here today. The coldest summer morning I have ever seen was one morning in July some years back, when it was 38 degrees at daybreak. Little to no humidity here in summer, too. Spot watering individual plants in the garden, shrubs and young trees is almost a full time job. 🙂 Stay cool, Doug, Dougy and Andy!

  4. Great idea! I have seen it done for dogs often but I will try for the cats. I too hate the stinkin’ heat and it’s not good for us, either. They have their fountain but a choice is always appreciated.

  5. Shaving cats isn’t always a good idea. The fur insulates them from the heat. Cats are smart and find cool spots (like tile floors or porcelain bathtubs) to nap like Dougy. The ice idea is a good one. Like people, each cat is different.

    • Not a bad idea! I think that’s why some people migrant from one climate zone to another during the year, though that’s probably not practical for dogs and retired people like me1

    • Not really. First you have to get an appointment to the groomer.

      I’m not prepared to cut their hair, a process that does take some training and specialized equipment that helps immobilize the kitty.

      My big concern is any amateur efforts on my part would create cats that resist professional efforts to groom them. An unhappy cat with claws and teeth is formidable!

      Groomers have the option of denying clients service if their pets act up, and the one I go to – which is two blocks away from where I live instead of the next closest, which is 15km away – tells me they prefer not to do cats but Andy and Dougy always behave. I’d hate to turn them into bad actors!

      It is because I can’t get an appointment earlier than next September that I’m having to try alternative ideas.

    • In the short time I’ve been doing this, Andy has me trained to renew the ice at his will! Dougy still resists it (as far as I can tell), but Andy love, love, loves it! The idea isn’t mine. I forget where I saw the basic idea. Seems like they filled a large bowl with water so there was a dome of ice in another large container in the photo with the article. I may still try it if we continue to have really high temperatures.

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